About Family Direct Events

We are an event organizer with expertise in the organizing of events for children and families that meet the needs of modern families. Our events can be integrated into a company’s marketing plan in a way that gives life to a product or service. In order to build a product or service experience for mothers, children and the family, we have divided our activities into two sections.


With our long experience in the mother and baby sector, our special activities are another route for you to reach your target. We can include your knowledge and information into our activities in order for attendees to gain the maximum benefit.


Degrees develops all the people who are around a child. It is an event organized for the full development of the child. This is because the development of a child requires development in terms of body, emotion, society and mind. Before a child has complete 360-degree development, it is essential for the child to experience play that builds experience, as well as for there to be understanding of child development at every age. The target groups for this event are parents aged 22-40 who have children between the ages of 0-5 years old.


represents the nine months of a baby’s development in the womb. It aims to answer the many questions newly pregnant mothers have. Very often the answers a new mother will receive will represent old fashions attitudes and outdated ways of thinking from family and friends. The Whole 9 Months allows mothers to find the correct answers to all their questions from expert doctors and health professionals. The target attendees of this event are newly pregnant mothers between the ages of 23 and 40 and in their first eight months of pregnancy, as well as those preparing to give birth.


Other than our own successful internal events, we also develop innovative events that can meet the demands of your target market; such as families, children, and pregnant mothers. We include both valued information and entertainment together into your events that can effectively reach your target market. Examples include product launches, customer membership activities, anniversary celebrations etc.