About Asia Biz Connect Group Co., Ltd. (ABC Group)

Asia Biz Connect Group Co., Ltd. (ABC Group) was founded in 2011. At its beginning, it was a merger of two leading publishers in Thailand; Thai Trade & Industry Media Co., Ltd. (TTIM), Thailand’s leading publisher of caliber trade publications, and Family Direct Co., Ltd., Thailand’s top publisher of child & parenting magazines. The merger presented opportunities and transformed ABC Group into an independent publisher specializing in two distinct areas, but complimentary genres: B2B trade publisher and B2C magazine publisher.


B2B Publishing

ABC Group’s B2B publishing is handled by the Thai Trade & Industry Media (TTIM) division of the company. TTIM has three regular bi-monthly publications as well as a number of special publications. TTIM’s bi-monthly publications are: Asia Pacific Metalworking (APM), Asia Pacific Plant Management (PM), as well as Asia Food Beverage Thailand (AFB) (incorporating Food Beverage Marketing (FBM). TTIM’s regular special publications include Machine Tools and Metalworking Roundup, Asia Food Beverage Industry Report (FBIR), Thailand Food & Beverage Industry Outlook, as well as Food Beverage Processing Best Choice and Metalworking Best Choice.


B2C Publishing

ABC Group’s B2C offerings are handled by the Family Direct division. Family Direct’s offerings include Mother’s Digest, the company’s monthly magazine for moms of infants, toddlers and preschoolers, and those with kids in kindergarten through to age nine. Family Direct’s regular special publications include Pregnancy Advisor & Diary and First Year of Life.


Special Services

In addition to our variety of publications, ABC Group offers a wide range of publishing and event management services.